The Journey To Self-Love

About The Workshop


ACA Promise 1: We will discover our real identities by loving and accepting ourselves.

What stories do you believe about yourself?

Where did you learn them?

Are they true?

How do you see yourself?

Can you change that view?

What is one thing you tell yourself today that you can leave behind forever?

What methods can you use to help you effect permanent changes?

How can we better listen to our inner child?

How do we move from bitterness to forgiveness?

Join me

I'll travel to your club and share my personal story of Experience, Strength and Hope. All you need to provide is a location and a time. 

What to expect

A time of contemplative introspection. 

A path towards growing in your self-love journey. 

Exercises to guide you.

Personal growth!

Let's do this!

Led by Matt W. ACA group IL-212, Sunday night meeting in Lake Barrington, IL (Stillwaters Alano club).